Here’s a small sample of some of my recent work to determine if I’m the right person for your project.

Websites / SEO


Built a new website incorporating keywords for SEO, branding and key messages to drive traffic. Also responsible for all blog development.

Ability8 website


Created web articles related to social impact partnerships, financial wellbeing and CSR initiatives.

It starts with education

Regional financial wellbeing

Health Plans of NC

Produced a range of articles incorporating keywords to boost site traffic.

Different types of Medicare Supplement Plans

Synthetic Greenscapes
Produced various location-specific web pages to promote services in different regions.

Artificial grass installation, Carrlton, Texas

Pinnacle Franchise Development
Wrote new site pages to promote various services.

Franchise sales development

Franchise marketing service

Developed content for various new websites targeting different services.

Lead paint removal

Body corporate painting