My process

Discover my process for all copywriting services and marketing advice.

How I work

When providing copywriting services or working with you as a marketing consultant, I rely a lot on the information I receive from my clients. Providing a thorough brief ensures I understand your brand, purpose, vision, and what you want to achieve. Offering samples of previous campaigns and outcomes is also beneficial and speeds up the process. 

Depending on the complexity of your job, you can send me a detailed email with attachments, or we can schedule a Zoom to discuss the project in detail. I offer plenty of flexibility in my approach to suit my client’s needs. I’ve incorporated plenty of new communication channels into my everyday routine since becoming a freelance copywriter, including Slack, Asana, Microsoft Teams, Click Up, Toggl, Google Docs and more!

If I’m providing copywriting services, I can send through some initial drafts to ensure you’re happy with the direction. I find this really productive, so we can make any necessary changes early and ensure you’re satisfied with the final version. If you’d like to see some samples of my writing, check out my portfolio. I also have lots more so if you’re seeking something specific, say an email campaign, or something related to risk management or finance, get in touch and I can share more.

If I’m working on a marketing strategy for your brand, providing me with as much information as possible about your goals, target audience, existing marketing activities and any key insights or research is beneficial to creating an effective strategy.

I find it essential to share insights. If you can provide access to customer data and insights, it will help me to develop targeted and relevant content. 

Kelly works as a freelancer with the same level of care and pride in her work as if she were in-house. We were so lucky to find her completely by chance and she is now our go-to for any copywriting project – I would recommend her to anyone any day!

– Alexa, London